Student Health Advantage Additional Coverage Information

Conditions of Coverage

  1. Coverage and benefits are subject to the deductible and coinsurance, and all terms of the certificate of coverage and Master Policy.
  2. Coverage under this plan is secondary to any other coverage.
  3. Coverage and benefits are for medically necessary, usual, reasonable and customary charges only.
  4. Charges must be administered or ordered by a physician.
  5. Charges must be incurred during the Period of Coverage or the Benefit Period.
  6. Claims must be presented to IMG for payment within the Period of Coverage, Benefit Period or during the three months immediately following the Period of Coverage.


The following conditions apply to all persons applying for and/or enrolling in Student Health Advantage:

  • The individual applicant or group member must be a full-time student or scholar at a college or university.
  • The individual applicant or group member must be residing outside his/her home country for the purpose of pursuing international, educational activities including but not limited to college course work, conducting research or teaching for a temporary period of time.
  • Must not have obtained residency status in Host Country.
  • Dependents have to be legal dependents, traveling with the individual applicant or group member and traveling outside their home country.
  • Family members do not constitute a group.

 Extension of Coverage

If the plan is purchased for a minimum of three months, coverage may be extended up to 12 months from the initial effective date. Provided there is no break in coverage, the plan may be renewed for up to five years.

 Quality Guarantee

Your satisfaction is very important to IMG and the plan underwriter. If the individual, sponsoring organization or the group is not pleased with this product for any reason, a written request for cancellation and refund of the premium may be submitted prior to the effective date of coverage.