Client Testimonials

Appendicitis in India

I am a United Methodist pastor, Fort Worth police sergeant, and a Karate teacher – I am a man of great faith and capability to handle crisis – even so, I felt so helpless yesterday. My daughter, Michelle, is a Christian missionary and has been traveling with YWAM (Youth with a Mission), the second largest missionary organization in the world. Her work took her to Varanasi, India. Michelle had already been hospitalized for three days with acute appendicitis in Kolkata, but then given antibiotics, and then released. Four doctors there told her that if she has another attack, she needs… Read more “Appendicitis in India”

Ft. Worth, Texas

Heart Failure in the Pacific

It is my pleasure to be able to voice my experiences far from home. I’m employed as a Chief Engineer on a world cruising motor yacht. Since 1996 we’ve been out on the Pacific Rim and the majority of our cruises will find us in rather exotic destinations – most could be referred to as perhaps being of the third world. During our transit from the Philippines to Yap, I started noticing a shortness of breath that just continually got worse. By the time we reached Yap, I was struggling for breath. I visited the local government hospital and the… Read more “Heart Failure in the Pacific”

Chief Engineer - M/Y Double Haven
Brisbane, Australia